The needs of construction industry is a very accurate planning, scheduling and management of the process of the project that may have the impact to facilitate the overall graphic representation of the scheduling. The traditional system of using of Auto CAD drawing and primavera p6 for scheduling does not fulfil the clients in making them understand the project status and also time consuming without giving proper representation, in my research an efficient method is proposed implementing  to determine the appropriate location to build a the project  and reduce the time, cost and effort to identify the proposed location for the establishment of the projects , and analysing   map to implement of the necessary conditions for the establishment of projects  with the help  ArcMap. This study is drafted using AutoCAD and the corresponding is imported into Arc GIS and the data was geo referenced to show the plan on the Google earth, the coordinates are found using Google Earth Software. For this plan the scheduling is done in primaveraP6 which is used to find cost and project duration with status. Based on the data can update in Arc GIS which will show the work progress graphically on the Google Earth. In this study, the Secondary school building has been considered as a case study which is located in Wassit, Iraq. Arc GIS is used to show the availability of resources and transportation facilities for project to reduce the cost of project. Primavera P6 software has been used for generation of the schedules and these are linked with the Geographical Information System (GIS) in order to achieve the goal of study by reducing the time and cost for project. It can be minimized the time of project about 32% and the cost of project about 13%.