Building Information Modelling (BIM) very important for engineer and owner, to deliver the projects without mistake, BIM is consisting from three-dimensional (3D) model is automatically generated from the 2D lines drawn and quantity take off for project (5D). BIM it is being used by many in the construction industry to make efficiency savings and to improve the accuracy and coordination of documentation.  The aim of the study is design virtual prototype and cost estimation used BIM technology Underlying principles and basic steps of cost estimation based on elements, and in this study   automate the manual building cost estimation process and make comparison between traditional method and use software. The model is drafting by AutoCAD and developing 3D visualization, Cost estimation by Revit Architecture. In this study Hospital of Health Services (HHS) is considered as case study of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and used to develop 3D prototype building information model using Revit and describe how a construction model and resource model can be prepared for the construction planning process. In order to optimize the construction   cost of the construction project using Revit Architectural for cost estimation. The 3D and 5D visualization model has also been developed.