The CAMERA method is present in the proposed paper, which not only capture image but also it produced audio signals existing in the captured image. This paper presents a method for developing a device which is helpful for the disabled persons who are unable to see environmental objects but they can listens voice. The primary objective of the proposed method is to extract existing objects of the image and produced relevant output in voice format without delaying. Conversion of voice output is very big challenge but the CAMERA method performs their functions in fastest manner. The proposed method uses various image related applications like segmentation, edge detection and corner detection for object extraction. The visibility disability persons can easily use the system due to user friendly nature and such type of persons can perform their daily functions easily without others help. The cellular automata approach is used in the proposed method to achieve objectives. The cellular automata uses frequency modulation to read all possible considerable cells of captured image to provide exact objects and provides desired output using amplitude modulation  without delaying any movement.