Multi-loop Aquaponic System is a detached ecosystem for both plants and fish, with increased nutrients as well as increased output efficiency. In the Multi-loop Aquaponic system, the plant growth and nutrient uptake, fish survival are dependent on climate, weather conditions, humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.  The study attempts to test the Multi-loop Aquaponic system empirically for the Mauritian context. Knowledge of Aquaponics, acceptance, and willingness to pay for Aquaponics tested. A drop-off survey is conducted using a well-structured questionnaire (5-point Likert scale).  The respondent's level is 79% (397 responses out of 500 questionnaires circulated) good fit for the analysis. Factor Analysis (FA), Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), followed by Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) used for the study. The findings show Mauritians are having up-to-date knowledge and information about Aquaponics and willing to espouse the system.