The current study’sprimarypurpose was to empirical research on the impact of service quality and brand image on customer satisfaction and behavioral intention in the Vietnam fashion market. We collected research data from 285 clients at fashion shops in Vietnam. We examined the data by using the partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) with SmartPLS software 3.2.7. The finding of the study revealed that service quality had a positive effect on customer satisfaction (β= 0.186; p=0.007). However, service quality had not to affect behavioral intention (β= 0.122; p=0.058). The finding showed that brand image had a quite-substantial positive effect on customer satisfaction (β= 0.450; p=0.000). The result also showed brand image had a positive impact on behavioral intention (β= 0.230; p=0.001). The result also disclosed customer satisfaction had a relatively substantial positive effect on behavioral intention (β= 0.438; p=0.000).