Increased awareness on gut microbiota and its multitude mechanism in regulating human health by production of bioactive compounds, pathogenic fortification, energy homeostasis, nutrient metabolism and immunity regulations have opened a new horizon of study. The dietary role in maintaining the gut microbiota homeostasis is critical. Weight obsessed people gaze for easy alternatives for rapid results which facilitated the classic ketogenic diet initially developed for therapeutic purpose to become a fad diet. Keto diet is a very low carbohydrate, high fat and protein diet mimicking the condition of fasting. Prevotella, Bacteroides and Ruminococcus are three major enterotypes in the gut. However, dietary drifts causes gut microbiome profile changes associated with diseased condition, immune dysfunction, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. This review analyzes the convoluted interaction between gut microbiota, nutritional requirements and its impact on human health.