This study is of twofold, aims at examining the Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and its mediating role in improving the employee performance and quality of service  in Mauritian Hospitality Industry, and followed by understanding whether customer loyalty influenced by service quality. Quality Service is essential for satisfying the customer and retaining them as loyal customers.  SERVQUAL model is used to understand customer perceptions`, attitude and expectations from the Mauritian Hospitality Industry. Customer satisfaction and loyalty assessed with the services offered by the hospitality industry in Mauritius. Five dimensions of SERVQUAL (Tangibility, Reliability, Responsiveness, Empathy and Assurance) tested with the help of empirical evidence. A drop-off survey and well-structured questionnaire (5-point Likert scale) used. The number of respondents` is 486; reliability of the data checked using KMO and Bartlett test. The descriptive and inferential analysis computed along with factor analysis. Software SPSS AMOS used for the analysis of data. `Factor Analysis` (FA) and `Confirmatory Factor Analysis` (CFA) computed, followed by `Structural Equation Modelling`(SEM). Results shows a positive impact of OCB on employee service quality. The service quality influences customer’s satisfaction. The findings of this study, being first in the country, can be a wide-ranging contribution to the literature. Academicians, researchers, Mauritian hospitality industry and the policymakers can benefit out of these study contributions.