This paper is presented in the context of generating renewable energy using the piezoelectric module to harvest kinetic energy from human walking. The electronic system has developed using 32 piezoelectric modules situated at the shoe sole and thereby energy will be harvested and stored whenever the user walks or runs. The harvester circuit is able to produce an average of 2.941 V and 0.171 mA per step by the person with a weight of 80 kg. In addition, IoT (Internet of Things) based health monitoring system has built with the aim of using the harvested power to power up the system. The microcontroller in the monitoring system able to work with the harvested power of 279mW per hour. It is observed that the battery of the system will last around 1.6 days under the no-load condition. The energy harvester enables the battery to get a full charge with a walking speed of 30 steps/minute, which will take 12.26 hours. At the walking frequency of 30 steps per minute for an 80 kg weighted person, the system generates the power of 905.23 mW and hence the power efficiency of 30.8% is accomplished by the harvester system.