It has been observed that rapidly increasing urbanization causes tremendous traffic congestion which is a threat to the developing nations welfare in terms of their economy, growth and social-integration. Apparently, among the various reasons, an adequate car parking management can reduce traffic obstruction, unpredictable accidents, pollution as well as carbon emission. Various studies indicate that around 30% of the traffic congestion in the urban cities is caused by inadequate parking system.  Oftentimes drivers struggle to find adequate parking space and as a result tend to park their vehicles adjacent to the main roads. Although some private institutions bound drivers to park with their personal initiatives, yet people find it difficult and look for a solution that could lead them to free in/out-bound parking venue. This paper proposes an efficient and sustainable mobile application-based solution towards solving traffic congestion problem in developing countries contrary to traditional parking systems which are based on GPS, RFID or Sensors while maintaining sufficient accuracy. The proposed solution intends to eradicate the time-consuming dilemma of free and paid parking by giving access and pre-bookings to the nearest parking space on-forth, enabling unwavering smart cloud-based parking solution with tangible and intangible economic benefits for the developing countries.