Quick Response Code, which also known as QR Code are becoming more common among youngsters especially students in tertiary education as it has been implemented on various areas for different purposes. Furthermore, the evolving of e-wallet in Malaysia has made the society more understanding about the functionality of QR Code. Thus, it would be great to implement an online system that utilize QR Code in Asia Pacific University (APU) Exam Docket System so that it can save the time for overall process of distribution and collection of exam docket. Through the proposed system, the management of the university able to generate exam docket to the students and the attendance of the candidate will be updated once the QR Code is being scanned at the exam hall. As a result, this paper will discuss about the problems of the current system in introduction and methodology that will used to collect requirement of the system in the following section. All the results collected will be discussed in result and discussion section. Lastly, the researcher will talk about technical research and limitation as well as recommendation of the system before ending this research.