Notice boards are a common thing in any institution or public utility places like schools, colleges, bus stations, railway stations, malls etc. Notices are important when it comes to offices and educational purpose as notices are used to convey important messages. But sticking various notices in our day to day life is a difficult process. The process of updating the notice board is tedious and time consuming. A separate person is required to take care of all this notice display. The main aim of this project is designing a wireless system using LCD monitor based message display controlled from an Android mobile phone. The proposed system makes the use of wireless technology to communicate from Android phone to display board. The system has a provision for displaying notices in form of text, images, video, web page, documents etc. This project will allow the user to use the android application to update the notices. . This project takes the help of an onboard computer which is commonly termed as Raspberry Pi. This automatic control system used in this project saves the notices for future use. The wireless notice board is modified in order to display notices in any format and provide the user with flexibility as well as over the barrier of distance.