Robotics and automation industry  which has created many advancement in the field of automation using robotics and it cater the  needs of automation industry to house hold application purposes in our proposed method we have created an automation using robot to robot communication in an survilence network environment.Nowadays, the surveillance of a single robot can be controlled by a Nordic radifo frequency device and a Master Base station. Here we designed a Ad-networked robots consists of one master base station connected with NRC and two surveillance Slave Robots. If one of the surveillance Slave  robots (slave) is out  the coverage range of the NRC master base station connected with Wi-fi , then the nearest robot acts as a base station (master) with their secret security authentication code. If the nearest Master Survillence robot were unable to acts as a base station because when slave robot goes out of coverage area at that what ever commands/response transmitted by the master robot will not be accecpted by the slave survilance Robot, in this situation by using Adhoc networks the neareast surveillance slave robot will act as a master Connected with NRC and then it Retransmits the commands/response lost by previous conversation between Master/Slave. By using these Ad hoc networked robot connected with NRC we can monitor all the commands/ response between master and slave robots are stored in a common cloud environment. By using Wi-fi based Adnoc-network  connected with NRC node with Master and slave robots we can detect bomb, land mines, gas, and fire using different kinds of sensors. In our proposed model, we have used proximity sensors, PIR sensor, gas sensors, and fire sensors. The created networked robots are connected via RF protocol, NRC node and it is monitored using camera TV output port and  Tracking of master/slave communication can be done by using common cloud database. But in our proposed method we can view the enimies position by using web app Application but the robots should be in 300 meters coverage Area.To track the commands/response of master/slave robot informations are stored in a common cloud database we have implemented a data mining technique.