Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning Based Advising System Using Chatbot for Good Yield Production



The Agriculture is a most important and food production concept for humans in the Society. The people who illiterate & also literate difficult to farm and not aware of fertilizers. There are millions of fertilizer products are available in market for the agriculture of crop production. However, all the farmers first prefer top most use & popular companies. This list of fertilizer products in market is built on the basics of crop growth or disease. They have to know problems in their crop to control and improve growth. So, the have to consult an agent might an agent sometimes may or may not avilable. when i think to develop a an angent on their available source as smartphone. So AI & ML are used to built the assistant to provide awareness to farmers on fertilizers. The assistant performing through chatbot by voice assisting to farmers for their queries. So farmer talk with online assistant helps the farmer to ask details and purpose of product .

Keywords: Google Assistant, AIML, artificial intelligence, chatbot, natural language processing, Turing Test