A Recommendation System for Predicting Diseases in Healthcare

  • N.Shabaz Ali, G.Divya


The medical industry collects a huge quantity of healthcare data which is not mined to discover the hidden patterns and information. Decision making cannot be performed without gaining proper knowledge with high impact of Data. This paper represents the data mining techniques for mining medical data and used for clinical predictions. Accessibility of data using computer in medical fields has been increased. These data’s can be used to schedule the clinical treatments and diagnose the similar type of diseases quickly. Data mining is a powerful technology and has high interest in the world of computer science. To make predictions and gain new knowledge the data mining should be used along with the machine learning and database management. There are various data mining methodologies such as clustering, classification, regression etc. that can be implemented using machine learning algorithms. It can bring drastic changes in the healthcare field and we get improved efficiency and accuracy while treating the patients.

Keywords:Data mining, prediction analysis, healthcare, symptoms, algorithms.