Revelation of preliminary app detection using lexicon based approach

  • P Gopinath, V Ariyamala


The utilization of mobile has expanded a ton in everyday life. The use of Apps has increased a lot rather than websites as it is user friendly. Right now, new applications are been found a lot, these applications are accessible in numerous application markets. The application advertise contains a great deal of comparable applications in it and we befuddle as which is the able one to utilize. The applications some are helpful and some are extortion. The distinguishing extortion application encourages client to effortlessly recognize the genuine one and download it. The disclosure of extortion application through examination of review, rating and ranking information mining method. The investigation of the application utilizing conclusion examination method for example an information mining method used to examine the sentiment of the reviews. The examination of the review predicts the positive and negative rating applications independently. The classification score to separate rating and positioning confirmations is given with fuzzy score classification. The classification score decides whether the App is genuine or fraud. Later we would add authenticated users review for the confirmation of genuine. We will take review datasets from online stores and efficiency is provided based on it.

Keywords:App reviews, Evidence Aggregation, Fraud detection, Fake Apps, Sentiment analysis, Stemming, Review and rating.