Literature Review on Chatbots Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • ChinnapaReddy Kanakanti, Sabitha R


The main aim of this paper is to discuss about the use of chatbots in the field of Organizations. These AI & ML techniques can be used in various fields of Research and education also. The AI & ML based Chatbots is the fastest emerging area in the field technological science. We can’t imagine the feature without this technology, the chatbots field is emerging area and we can program a chatbot as an assistant to do the basic tasks and also for basic processes in any organization virtually. The chatbot will allow users to query over voice & text, chatbots with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms helps to understand the users prompt with accuracy. The Natural Language Processing allows chatbots to understand our messages and responds to appropriately. The NLP helps to provide context and meaning to context based on input so that Artificial Intelligence can come up with best response in the chatbot. With the help of chatbots we can do basic tasks as we can see in the customer support of any organization. We can integrate chatbot to Google Assistant, Alexa etc. The chatbots are capable of doing some advanced tasks also just we need to train the chatbots appropriately and we can use the Optical Character Recognition [OCR] and Cloud vision API to detect and analyze text and Images. This system reduces work of organizations administration providing information to their users, customers and also reduces the workload on the employees to answer all the queries of the users and their partners. .

Keywords:Natural Language Processing, Perception, Organizations, OAuth, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Google Cloud Platform, Actions on Google, Dialogflow, Cloud Vision API